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Stake-off the Witch -«Palace Court, Flat 19»

The style: stoner-rock
Format: CD (jewel-case)
Label: Sliptrick records
Length: 41 minutes - 7 tracks
Author: Mila Oks
The bottle in the form of surreal square with a black-and-white label, the taste of sand in the throat, burning by heavy riffs and bitter whiskey, I’m smiling and drawing silhouettes of the lost ghosts on the dirty window. Cold-hearted typical hotel, the coyotes are angry with the Egyptian vultures, I’m dead, hoarse of cigarettes and tragedies voice southern beautiful lady sings, fantastic drums like bombs in my head. This is my method to lie the Death - a little bit of gasoline on the palm and then fire it, so you can change the line of life ... Make the line endless as this desert, the black dirt in the mind and stoner in a bar by solid sound sticks to me like wet jeans to the skin. Damn! How loud, how awesome!
Wow! It turns out you can scream by your eyes, madly turning them on the
eye rock-socket orbit, if I close my eyes, I’d remember that ... I was waiting for… Then you left that sinful foul place, I stunned you and brought to the room, undressed, tied and gagged... «Game over», baby! Stain’ in the second of maniac drums and guitar-bass fatal blows. Usually such knifes cut the beasts so I don’t have problems with your little skinny body – manage very, very quickly.
Nowadays women now can be purchased as beef, just go to any strip bar. Natural dolls with dead eyes and mechanical movements seduce the men, fuzzy riffs, pulsating psychedelic bewitching philter, I’m drunk by the availability of permissiveness. «Pussycat», do with me what you want, shaking your ass, you even can eat me. Please dance for the last time at the edge of a knife, bass-driven grooves, metal sound and raw, emotive song! Over-cool to have friends and too proud to sleep with you ...
Aggressive bass, incredible guitar line, when I was a child I cut the wings of the hundred doves and stolen their lives… In the life you need only money, and I need love. So, we found each other, for the handful of dollars you sing about your innocence, which wants to steal tooth fairy ... Wall of distortion, pummeling drums, «So hard», you have tattoo with your dead sister’s name on the shoulder.
Hard times and chords, somebody blows his top and hangs the skulls on the cactuses, stoner- at the edge of the fatal combination of circumstances, storming drum, smoke, good stuff! You can see the sheriff here only in the old western. Vaya con Dios! I mean crawl leaving behind you crimson trail…. You lost, girlfriend, fell black, seven!
Instead the hats now we have hoods on the heads, looking to the world
through the jersey, we like come to the parties without an invitation and break
glasses and stupid college faces, one more tequila and go ahead! The real hot to
dance like Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern in «Wild hearts», melodic, brutal sound so this is my favorite cocktail: whiskey on four fingers and the blood, trickling from the wound. Let’s rock, the evil monkeys are scared and jump from my back Well, who is your daddy?
Who needs all these tamagochi and robots, when I have something more interesting in my head –strange small animal? She’s whispering to me: kill, kill, kill ... The stabbing and schizophrenic chords, in the evening only the metal obsession, for what do you need cellophane? Boxing in the ring against Ali, living in the ecstatic stoner - paranoia, «Something bad (in my head)», inside the fire and aggression, the rhythm section destroys everything on the way in its path. If you want to stop me use all the electricity in the city ...
Lull me into your lies, fun, night and son of bitch, groovy sound, feel your sadness, the tube smells burnt sugar, half of Texas wears crocodile skin - reptiles’s mmurders. Sinister psychedelic stoner rock, drink me to the end, I don’t recognize myself in the mirror, wide unbridled animal, «1383», there are scars and stigma under my skin. Now, it doesn’t matter who is the victim, morning will come out ...
I’m in you like hands of the prisoner in the barbed wire, fantastic sludge, I broke his nose when he offered me a cameo in the new Saw. Jerk! My real life is in the dream, slowly melodic stoner, games without rules, the poison in the blood, absolute power of your lips ...
Bracing shower, slam in the bathroom and concussion of the brain as a result! God made this world for the Man and I don’t care about the recipients who have received my ribs! Crazy drums, a terrific rock-facer upon me, awesome arrangement, bring it all! I don’t read books only secrets in my women's eyes, «This is me», in the nuclear metal madness dancing in the room. You will never understand me. What? Why I crush the turtles? Oh come on! It’s so awesome to hear the sound of cracked shell like old witch is flying in the veins. My world, my desire, I made the line of life endless so I will live forever ... In your memory I will be your God ... ...

PS The author thanks «Stake-off the witch» for strong and pure energy and Fabio for the CD.

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